New Beginning

visualdairy was created in late July 2017 to feed my desire to be creative and create. However, I got consumed by the darkness. I turned this site into a platform for me to write as form of a therapy for myself. Writing really helped me navigate through this darkness. It wasn’t the perfect remedy but it’s the best I could find.

visualdairy have always been about me spilling out negative thoughts. I am not going to lie to you – I still find myself struggling with the darkness as I’m writing this.

However, starting from today I will archive all the posts on a separate wordpress domain. visualdairy will now be a platform for me to focus on positivity. It will no longer be a platform for me to spill out negative thoughts.

I don’t know what visualdairy will become, but it’s basically going to be a collaboration between my dying love for photography and my half-arsed love for writing. With this platform, I hope to inspire myself to push out more creative content in a personal yet purposeful way.

This is a brand new beginning.


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